Carpet Cleaning
Believe it or not, not all cleaning companies are the same.  Don't be fooled by
bait and switch packages.  We have all heard stories from friends and family
members who hired a "carpet cleaner" at a low cost only to end up paying well
over the quoted advertised price.

Would you want someone to come into your house at $20 a room without
realizing the special needs of your karastan carpet as opposed to a
commercial grade carpet?  Shouldn't they KNOW the difference?  Better yet,
shouldn't there BE a difference?

Anyone can hire a "carpet cleaner" from a local paper.  Why not call a
professional?  At Marathon, we are professional textile technicians not
“carpet cleaners.”    

What does that mean to you?  Hiring Marathon means a courteous
professional will attend to all your cleaning needs.  Did you know that your
carpet is the largest filter in your house?  People change their air or water
filters often but sometimes overlook their carpet.  Cleaning your carpets
gives you both great looking carpets and a cleaner environment.  Our first
step is a FREE carpet/ upholstery audit (free estimate).   
Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is another way to ensure the life of your upholstery furniture, as
well as promoting great looking fabric and maintaining a clean environment.  Dirt, oils
from hair, skin, or pet fur are natural parts of a household, which can negatively affect
the condition of your upholstery. Like the pollutants on carpet, they become part of an
unhealthy environment that your family is exposed to if the upholstery is not cleaned
when needed.
                                                                   QUALITY OF SERVICE

We at Marathon realize that price is important to everyone but so is the job done properly.  We clean
carpets & upholstery up to IIRC (Institute of  Inspection Cleaning & Restoration)  but also offer different
grades of cleaning at customers request.  

Only the top quality cleaning agents are used by Marathon to ensure exceptional cleaning power.  These
products are all non toxic and safe for your family and pets.  We have many deodorizors for different
needs from urine treatment and pet odors to refreshing, fresh scents to make your house smell clean.  
We offer a hypoallergenic cleaning line for those people with health concerns as well as 3M Scotchgard
along with other protector lines to increase the longevity of your carpet or upholstery.  If your needs
dictate a harsher product (anti-microbial / flood & water damage, etc.) you will be informed / advised  
prior to any treatment.

Your families health and safety is of the utmost importance to us, that's why we go the extra mile to
ensure customer satisfaction.  Every residential job is cleaned as if it was one of our own.  Every
commercial job is treated as our office.                                                                                                
Hot water truck mounted extraction includes pre-spray / spot cleaning, furniture moved and
hot water extraction..
Of course we offer FREE estimates and are available at any time to answer your questions.     
We recommend that carpets & upholstery on average are cleaned once or twice a year according to traffic.
100% Dry
Truck Mount
Hot Water
Scotchgarding, anti-microbial and deodorizers.
Great for lightly soiled carpets that need a freshening up or any carpet that NO DRY TIME is
most important.  100% child and pet safe.  Removes allergens and safe on wool carpets.