Do you think the water in your basement will dry on it’s own?  
Unfortunately, opening a window and putting on a fan won't help.

Flood and water damage clean-up can continue long after the water has gone. Water can
soak into wood, plaster, and the other structural materials of your home or business and
weaken them. Insulation can lose it's functionality; mold can begin to grow in carpet,
upholstery, furniture, and structural members. Fortunately, we at
Marathon provide the
following services to help you find, identify, and treat water damage:       
- Powerful truck-mounted units for water extraction and cleaning
- Deodorizing and sanitizing
- Commercial air movers & dehumidifiers
- Quick-drying process
- Carpet/pad removal
- Carpet & furniture cleaning
- Insulation removal
Marathon works with insurance companies, loss adjusters, and other professionals to
ensure that you receive effective flood and water damage recovery services.